“If you think you understand a problem, make sure you are not deceiving yourself,” said Albert Einstein to Reg Revans, who took a career swerve from research physicist to developing the only proven theory of management development – action learning.

A review of recent UNLEASH articles and stories reveals some clear patterns and trends in the professional fields of human capital and HRM, driven in large part by the need to respond to the acceleration in the evolution of new ways of working triggered by the global pandemic. Despite the gloomy cloud of ‘the Great Resignation’, the future may be bright for those who are re-shaping the world of work.

Exploring Mysteries; A Future of Work Superpower


A key aspect of persuasion and influence is preparation.  This is the starting point in the Hale Circle of Influence, the model shown here which forms the basis of the book Impact & Influence and our personal development programmes offered by KNOWCANWILLDO. In business organisations when we think of preparation for a persuasive presentation, a tough meeting or briefing, it is normal to focus on the technical or professional aspect of the message.  However research into successful persuasion shows that is is equally important to prepare by considering the perspective of the other person or your audience. 

It is that time again... New Year means New Year’s Resolutions. Of course we are all concerned to put the major challenges of 2020 behind us and hopeful of recovery and rebuilding in the year ahead. However the reason most New Year’s Resolutions falter after a few weeks is because they are based on the premise that we can force personal change on ourselves from the ‘outside-in’.  Focusing on the intended behaviours alone, such as learning yoga or eating less, is a limited strategy. These examples tackle the challenge by looking mainly at behaviours or the DO in our KNOWCANWILLDO framework. However behaviours are simply the output of several contributory factors.

Dr Richard Hale shares learning about the changing shape of leadership and learning as a result of experience over the COVID period. Published recently in Training Journal. This thinking about the future focus on Living Leadership is being integrated into exciting new programmes on offer on a public basis and in-house by KNOWCANWILLDO in 2021.