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We believe it is important that our learning programmes, educational processes and services are informed by clear and explicit methodologies and theoretical principles. We are adept at linking theory with professional practice and work closely with publishers, design partners and international business schools. We also conduct and supervise action research. As thought leaders we continually write for academic and professional publication. A selection of articles and papers are shown here. These include case examples of the work we do with clients. 


pdf Adding Real Value With Work-Based Learning Popular


Article explaining the Action Learning Question approach to support collaborative business problem solving and offering opportunities for academic/professional credit accumulation for managers and leaders.

pdf Actual Professional Development Popular


Proposes a role for L&D specialists in supporting the continuing professional development of technical and professional specialists within their organisations.

pdf Bright Horizons for Action Learning Popular


Case study of a global childcare organisation which deployed the Action Learning Facilitator Accreditation programme to create internal capability to enable culture change which led to significant impact on both business results and safety and care impact.

pdf How training can add real value to the business part 1 Popular


Debunks some of the long-standing myths about adult learning in the workplace and proposes approaches which make a closer connection between training, learning and business impact. 

pdf How training can add real value to the business part 2 Popular


Debunks some of the long-standing myths about adult learning in the workplace and proposes approaches which make a closer connection between training, learning and business impact. 

pdf Fundamentals of Action Learning Popular


Covers the fundamental principles of action learning, its history and practical applicaiton in contemporary organisaitons to effect personal, team and busiiness change. 

pdf Knowledge Mapping Popular


Summarises the group method of Knowledge Mapping developed to support members of action leanring sets as they seek to solve business problems by connecting Sky (theory) with Ground (business) and Underground (politics, culture and values).

pdf Mobilising Action Learning Popular


Explains the importance of mobilising action learning by engaging with key stakeholder to ensure that learning interventions are embedded in the business.

pdf Action Learning Questions® - 20 Step Process Popular


Summarises a 20 step process which underpins the Action Learning Question methodology to support real business impact linked to personal learning. 

pdf House Proud, People Management Popular


Case study of how the Impact & Influence programme supported the development of managers and leaders at a major construction business. An action learning approach led to real business impact with commercial value. 

pdf Developing Impact & Influence Popular


Overview of the Impact & Influence approach and the Hale Circle of Influence which supports individuals seeking to raise their impact when influencing in a business context.

pdf From nurturing the H in HR to developing the D in OD systemic benefits where action learning and organisational development combine Popular


The authors review the Organisational Development and Design (OD&D) capability building programmes provided by Mayvin and facilitated inthe UK Civil Service and consider the learning and impact which they have had at an individual and organisational level.

pdf How Leaders Lead Post-Pandemic: Explore Mysteries More than Solve Puzzles Popular


The post-pandemic era has arrived or will soon come. Many offer insights on the new normal for the world of work: hybrid work settings, digitally-enabled work processes, and agile organizational actions.

pdf Ballantine, M. A Re-Appraisal of Action Learning 2003 Popular


A re-appraisal of Action Learning. The origin of Action Learning in the problems faced by the UK National Coal Board in the late 1940s is recognised and Revans’ contribution set in the context of two other parallel developments: sociotechnical systems theory at the Tavistock Institute and Sir Geoffrey Vickers’ notion of ‘appreciative systems’. The way in which all three approaches have continued to develop is reviewed.

pdf Hale, R. To Match or Mis-match - The Dynamics of Mentoring as a Route to Personal & Organisational Learning 2000 Popular


This article reviews mentoring literature and presents the findings emerging from research into the dynamics of mentoring and how similarities and differences between mentor and mentee influence learning for both parties and the organisation.

pdf Hale,R and Saville M - Nurturing the H in HR - using action learning to build organisation development capability in the UK Civil Service - Action Learning Research & Practice 2014 Popular


Discusses development and delivery of Organisation Design and Development capability building programme in the UK Civil Service Human Resource delivered by OD specialists Mayvin which incorporates the Action Learning Question method developed by Dr Richard Hale called, in this context, OD Questions.