We have a proven track record of delivering our Impact & Influence and leadership development programmes and accredited qualifications in-company with organisations across all sectors:


  • Multi-national corporates

  • SMEs

  • Charitable sector

  • Local government

  • Central government 


Our approach is collaborative and we work in partnership with you through a straightforward and transparent process of engagement which typically follows these key stages. This is based on agreement of bespoke criteria built on perceived organisation development, leadership development or learning needs.


  • Initial discussion/enquiry – FOC

  • Exploratory discussions with key stakeholders in-company – FOC

  • Scoping – Fixed agreed fee:

     - Meetings

     - Interviews

     - Surveys

     - Presentation of diagnosis summary and proposals.


  • Contracting terms and conditions for delivery.

  • Delivery of:

     - Consultancy advice

     - Workshops

     - Training 

     - Leadership development programmes

     - Accredited qualifications to postgraduate level.

Examples of the range of projects and programmes include:



Lloyds Banking Group


The Ask:

  • To develop leaders at three level across asset finance divisions

  • Ensure connection to real business challenges

  • Minimise time away from the business. 



  • First in-house banking sector action learning work based leadership Masters degree 

  • 60 leaders achieved MA in Leadership from USA and UK universities 

  • 700 business impact work based learning projects published.

See published case study



Motorpoint plc


The Ask:

  • Develop senior talent cadre of leaders in a commercial and sales oriented business as it prepared for public listing

  • Establish consistency of best management practice across regional centres

  • Develop leaders with strong emotional intelligence.  



  • Network of regional leaders motivated to collaborate and learn together

  • Sales delivery improvement

  • Employee engagement and Best Place to Work improvement.


 civil service

Civil Service, UK


The Ask:

  • Mayvin the OD Consultancy was seeking an accreditation partner to support the launch of a programme to develop the Organisation Design and Development capability of civil servants across all ministries, departments and agencies of government.

  • Approach should lead to recognised accreditation at postgraduate level.

  • Essential to base participants learning and contribution around the real issues of government of the day.



  • 8 years partnering to provide university based accreditation to 600 civil servants based on evidenced application of learning to tackle real business challenges through use of the Action Learning Question® methodology.

  • Contribution to development of newly recognised profession and network of Organisation Design, Development and Consulting.

See published case study


bright horizons1 

Bright Horizons Family Solutions


The Ask:

  • Childcare and early years education services employing 4,000 staff with 130 early care and education centres for employers and working families.

  • Seeking to develop empowered culture with centre teams and leaders enabling improvement of business results whilst maintaining safety and standards. 

  • Desire to create a learning organisation offering career development opportunities to all.


  • Delivery of Action Learning Facilitator Accreditation to senior and regional leaders equipping them with the ability to facilitate culture change from within.  

  • Against the Great Place to Work metrics a trend of improvement over the six years
in the UK – it has been the fourth best place to work in Scotland for two years in a row and RoSPA Gold Award for Occupational Health and Safety
  • Ofsted inspection performance showing ‘outstanding’ regulatory performance in all 17 judgments, including leadership effectiveness.

See published case study


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