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Impact & Influence – Essentials

  • Do you have to achieve results through others working remotely?
  • Are you seeking to build relationships over a period of time?
  • Are you required to influence others without relying on position power?
  • Looking to boost the impact of your stakeholder management?


Based on unique research, the book Impact & Influence and the Hale Circle of Influence.

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What we offer

Equipping you with the tools and confidence to apply learning and achieve results through 5 key topics:

key topics 1

What is impact and influence?

  • Ensuring influencing leads to action
  • Mapping your sources of power & influence
  • Using the Hale Circle of Influence for preparing to influence others
  • Preparing for Impact & Influence Questionnaire – a practical tool


key topics 2

Understanding Others?

  • Seeking to understand others before seeking to be understood
  • Using deep level listening and questioning
  • Noticing and working with the of values of others


key topics 3

Managing Impressions?

  • Using the psychology of perception positively
  • Making a strong personal impact on others
  • Influencing the impression others form of you
  • Spotting stereotyping and developing strategies for managing them


key topics 4

Control of Self Talk

  • Recognising the sources of your self-talk
  • Controlling your thinking feelings and behaviour
  • Expanding your comfort zones through visualisation


key topics 5

Ensuring Win-Win

  • Understanding what is really going on in social discussions - Transactional Analysis (TA)
  • Dealing with conflict - assertiveness, aggression and passive responses
  • Saying ‘no’ effectively


Delivered using blended and remote learning

  • 5 x 1 hour remote workshops
  • 5 x 40 minute confidential coaching sessions to support skill application
  • Online network support
  • Diagnostic tools
  • Impact & Influence workbook


Participants love it...



“Really enjoyed the format of the zoom sessions followed by coaching. I really understand now how various dynamics play out in relationships and have applied the skills I learnt directly to my role”. 

Relationship Manager, inHope Charity.



“Completing Impact & Influence dramatically increased my self-awareness and my ability to understand others and influence them.  I also learnt how I might be perceived by others and feel this is a great life skill both in and out of work which will be useful for many years” 

Customer Service Leader, Hargreaves Lansdown Financial Services.



“I now have a toolkit for applying the people skills required to satisfy quite different stakeholders. My new approach recently averted a conflict and saved the company over £1 million as I approached a concerned community group about their environmental concerns directly. 

Regional Technical Director, Westbury Homes.



“This programme had a significant impact on the skills and confidence of Project Engineers in handling and building relationships with Developers and Clients. In particular where they had to influence decision making, have difficult conversations and suggest change.”

Training Manager.


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