"I undertook the course to develop my skills in creating and maintaining stronger relationships within the workplace with colleagues, while also learning more about personal growth. I felt this would be a great building block to kickstart my career. I found the sessions really useful in that they covered new concepts which I had not heard of before. This dramatically increased my self-awareness of personalities within a workplace, how they can be identified and more importantly how to influence them. The sessions on self-talk helped with internal development in understanding how I might be perceived by others. I feel this is a great life skill both in and out of work which will be useful for many years! The hour sessions were just the right length to cover the core material with follow up sessions allowing for more depth and discussion. The 1 to 1 coaching allowed for exploring how each concept may be relevant to my own situation, helping put the theory to work. I believe that having an understanding of human behaviours, relationships and how to manage those can only be a strength moving forward."

Alex – Hargreaves Lansdown Financial Services



“I was looking to explore and develop my skills in influencing people and shaping the world around me, particularly in my professional capacity as my role involves fundraising and developing relationships with potential funders. I really enjoyed the format of the sessions with the group session followed up by a one to one coaching. This also worked well on the Zoom platform, which enabled interaction with people from around the country. There was a good amount of interaction, with some taught content but also break out opportunities to discuss and apply learning. As inHope's Development and Relationship manager, the skills learned apply directly to my role. The Impact and Influence programme showed me how I could understand the various dynamics that play out in relationships, and apply them in practical and demonstrable ways.”

Steve – Relationship Manager, inHope Charity



“I work in a very hands on role managing new site developments. Impact & Influence has given me a toolkit for applying the people skills required to satisfy very different stakeholders. My new approach averted a conflict and saved us over £1m when I approached a community group directly to address their environmental concerns.”
Rafiq, Regional Technical Director, Westbury Homes