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Do any of these challenges or questions apply to you as a leader in the changing world of work?

If so then the Change Leader Development Programme will provide you with the tools and confidence to tackle them in your organisation or business.



  • Do you need your people to develop new ways of working?
  • Want your team members to tell you what they really think and feel?
  • Need to see collaborative leadership at all levels?
  • Are you a role model of leadership to your team?
  • Expecting team members to work beyond their ‘comfort zone’?
  • Want to change the nature of conversations at work?
  • Need to make change stick?



Self as Change Leader



Understand challenges in personal change.
Consider how self-image impacts our actions.
Learn three methods for expanding comfort zones.


  • 2 hour input workshop
  • 2 hour Action Learning Meeting
  • Introducing the ALQ process, considering your leadership challenge as a question
  • I hour personal coaching
  • Action focus – consultation with sponsor, stakeholders and defining Terms of Reference


Participants say:
'Made me feel more empowered and confident in my role.'
‘Increased my awareness of comfort zones and the impact of positive and negative “experts”.’
‘I now recognise the importance of managing my self-talk.’


Communication During Change



Get behind what people are really feeling.
Structure effective communication using a powerful system for analysing and changing communication patterns.
Prepare for challenging one-to-one and group communications.


  • 2 hour input workshop
  • 2 hour Action Learning Meeting
  • Planning your inquiry/research using Knowledge Mapping
  • I hour personal coaching
  • Action focus – research/inquiry into leadership challenge


Participants say:
‘I now have more adult-to-adult communication with my team.’
‘I no longer shy away from difficult conversations.’
‘I am more mindful of tone, language, and approach.’ 


Leading Teams Through Change



Understand the key roles required in a successful team.
Develop strategies to avoid groupthink when making team decisions.
Plan to develop your team for the future.


  • 2 hour input workshop
  • 2 hour Action Learning Meeting
  • Summary of findings from inquiry and planning work based action
  • I hour personal coaching
  • Action focus – implementation of changes according to plans


Participants say:
‘I have learned what “groupthink” is and how to avoid it in my team.’
‘I am giving space for others in meetings and discussions.’ 
‘I have become a more “present” leader.’


Embedding Change



Analyse the culture of your team/organisation.
Identify aspects of culture you wish to reinforce and those you wish to challenge.
Consider how you communicate the vision and values of the business.


  • 2 hour input workshop
  • 2 hour Action Learning Meeting
  • Summary of actions, findings and learning
  • I hour personal coaching


Participants say:
‘I am influencing change through my behaviour in terms of values and culture.’
‘I have identified the sources of power and influence within the organisation.’
‘I am using the power of stories to reach agreement within my team and to reinforce our values.’ 

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Toolkit for Business Impact & Personal Learning


  • ALQ method as applied in business to connect personal leadership learning with personal impact.
  • You negotiate a real business leadership challenge with your business stakeholders.
  • We provide a framework for tackling Action Learning Questions relating to your work context.
  • Supporting you through key stages of clarification, investigation, action and personal reflection.

    The starting point as you embark on the programme is to agree the Action Learning Question you wish to tackle. Here are some examples of ALQs which then form the basis for ensuring your learning is relevant to your business and client as well as providing personal development opportunities as you investigate and answer it.

How can I gain commitment from my team to our organisational vision and strategy?

How can I contribute as a leader in times of major technological transformation?

How can I lead a review of our workforce planning to align with our new operating model?

How can we encourage action in others which reflects our values?

How can I motivate and lead a team that has adopted hybrid working?

How do we now unite our team given recent disruption and industrial conflict?

How can I lead performance improvement in our service to internal customers?

Articles published on the application of the Action Learning Questions approach and case studies of the impact this has made across business and government organisations.


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