Over 20 years ago Dr Richard Hale developed the Action Learning Question®  methodology which provides:

  • A business focused approach for our programme participants to accrue higher education credits for work-based learning
  • A pathway to postgraduate Certificate, Diploma and Masters degree qualifications
  • The flexibility for you to study and a time and place of your choice.

This approach is structured around the follows key steps:

  • First define your business challenge as a Question to be tackled over a 4-6 month period
  • Work with others in a supportive problem solving learning group
  • Conduct research through comparison with other organisations
  • Explore the underlying human values and cultural dimensions behind the business issues
  • Take well researched and informed action
  • Learn from the experience at a professional and personal level. 


The ALQ® methodology is uniquely available through our programmes and for our clients. This means individual participants in our programmes may opt to submit evidence of their learning for assessment against the accreditation criteria. It also provides a pathway which organisations may use as part of their career or academy structure. 

The approach has been used in the following client and accreditation partner organisations, and published articles with case examples can be seen in Our Publications


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